What our clients have said.

Leanna Wilson - https://ecotrailbuilders.com
As a freelance website copywriter, I'm often asked to provide the design and technical aspects of the site as well. In these cases, I go to Steve. Steve just finished creating two exceptional websites for me – one for an eco-lodge in Northern Ontario, Canada, and one for a renowned explorer/author/artist. These sites were quite involved, as they required utilizing, within the design, the artist's own drawings and maps.

His work was detailed, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. As an added bonus, Steve is patient, always willing to listen and provide alternatives. Oh, and he's pretty funny too. That's always a plus..

Dr. Edwin Kwon - https://edwinkwon.com
Steve is a pleasure to work with. I've been at companies who have always had their established "SEO" teams, but many of them did not work in a collaborative effort like Steve does. He always answers my questions and quickly helps me solve any problem I might have with our company website. Not to mention, his SEO summary reports are easy to read and if by any chance I don't understand something, he is more than happy to elaborate. I would say that a ot of the keywords we've been trying to rank on in search engines have been successfully implemented within the backend of our site. We have definitely seen a difference. There are still other goals we are currently working on with Steve and we look forward to also seeing those come into fruition.
Elena Plesa - The Tango of Life. - Video Link
When you have a project that needs the heart, the talent and creativity of a good editor then you can be sure Stephen is the one to hire. He raised my films value. Cannot thank you enough Steve.
Monty Aidem - https://franktribute.com
In over ten years as a client, I have found Steve at Coqui Solutions to approach every task with exceptional knowledge, skill, and dedication. I couldn't be more satisfied!
David Keeton - https://dckeeton.com
Stephen has been my go to person with all things relative to my website and social media for over 15 years. He has taken such good care of my needs that I would NOT even consider anyone else!

From ads to photos to re-designing of my website and continuous updates, he has been there for me. And not just in a week or so, but 99% of the time in 24 hours and the emaining 1% in 48 hours. Anyone who uses his services will CERTAINLY be in good - no, GREAT - hands!!

Anthony Zerbe - Actor, Writer - https://anthony-zerbe.com
Steve, I reviewed our last tweaks online, and they're right on. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your construction and assistance in creating this site. I loved working with you and how quickly and totally this was done. I feel so relieved about finally having a site, which I have put off for years because it all seemed so daunting. With you it was a breeze. If anyone wonders if you should do their site, just show them mine! Thank you again, Steve.
Stuart Cooper / President Majestic Films Studio - https://majesticfilmsstudio.com
Stephen is a consummate professional. I have recommended him to others for website construction as well as promotional videos and editing. He has always garnered rave reviews. I could not more highly recommend him.
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